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Add new external network in Openstack (Icehouse).

Just another one note to remember how to…


In my case a new external network it is private subnet with NAT in public addresses.

1) Let’s make a backup of neutron config files.

2) Add a new vlan nterface for our private subnet. No ip address set.

3) Edit neutron server configuration:

In /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini add a new external network info.

network_vlan_ranges = physnet1:1:4094,extnet1,extnet2,extnet3,extnet4
bridge_mappings = extnet1:br-ex,extnet2:br-ex-2,extnet3:br-ex-3,extnet4:br-ex-4

Here in network_vlan_ranges I added extnet3 и extnet4 and appropriate mapping in bridge_mappings – extnet3:br-ex-3,extnet4:br-ex-4.

extnet4 added for future use. When we face a lack of any free IPs in extnet3 we can add new external network without neutron-server service restart.
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Ceph. Manuall installation.



Here I try to describe step-by-step Ceph Storage Cluster (Hammer version, 0.94) installation procedure on CentOS 7 based server.

During the installation process I used documentation from:

I think manual Ceph instalation can help you get more knowledges about how to set it up and how it works but manual method is not so convinient for deploing few clusters in production environment.
There is an original utility wich allows you to automate deploing Ceph cluster – ceph-deploy. But manual installation prcedure can helps you design your own chief, pappet and etc recipes as well.

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